Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves Review fleshes out an uncluttered piece with pure geometry dovetailed for well-edited workspaces. It’s steeped in the contemporary style for the sleek lines that create timeless aesthetic superiority.

The versatile unit makes it an ideal iconic mid-century modern piece of art for a subtle, eternal anchor for your home office. Crafted of hardwood, this piece of furniture strikes a solid tone accented by a creamy finish.

Ameriwood L-Shaped Desk integrates two built-in grommets and side shelves providing multiple organizational slots for all your office demands. The unit fits snugly into tight areas to optimize your home office space. The sizable desktop surface creates generous room for your monitor, laptop, cords and other essentials.

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves Review – 5 Main Features:

1. Space-Saving L-Shape

Home Dakota L-Shaped DeskThe Ameriwood Home Dakota Desk boasts an integrated rotating design adjustable to meet your demands. It packs plenty of organizational space.

It creates a nook at the corner for your workspace anchoring a streamlined office ensemble. L-shape contemporary corner desks can snugly wedge in any tight or awkward areas to save space.

This design bent for small homes grappling with space constraints fits nicely in places such as dorm rooms.

The space-saver and super-functional unit will free up plenty of workspaces. Position it at the corner for unobstructed access to the left or right to reach materials strewn across the entire top panel of the unit.

2. Generous Storage Area

The Dakota Desk has a sizable top surface, extra-side storage and grommet holes for tangle-free cords. Put into view your best books collections, office files, and display items like picture frames. Two grommets integrated into the desk help you arrange and manage cords for mess-free use.

Two open shelves located on the unit’s sides provide an ideal sanctuary for books or binders bringing your accessories at your fingertips. Compared to a regular desk, the Ameriwood furniture provides more work area and storage capacity without eating into your office space.

It measures approximately 28 5/16″x 51 5/16”x53 5/8”, ideal dimensions for a home office, dorm room, corner wedge, or bedroom study table.

3. Laminated Particleboard & MDF

The executive furniture consists of laminated particle board panels handpicked for high-density, sturdy and superior quality. The particle board is made by binding and molding dried particles extracted from wood or lignified raw substrates with synthetic resin binders under high temperature and pressure.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) consists of fiber harnessed from tree species like oak, beech and pine combined with synthetic binders, letting it dry for a definite period and then compressing the resulting board block.

The wood-based flat board furniture whittles down production costs making products inexpensive. Polished surface panels ornamented with a glossy and sleek still retains the feel of wood grains.

4. Office Ergonomics

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped DeskThe L-shaped desk creates a wraparound workstation that’s easy to use in a comfortable poise. The extended work surface allows you to sit near the leading edge of the top panel to operate a keyboard.

The sizable surface area provides an appropriate work surface layout keeping your items within easy reach. You can access useful items off like a shot and more straightforwardly.

Multiple storage areas ensure you don’t keep anything on the floor which encourages stooping and discomfort.

The under surface of the Dakota Desk enhances working comfort. It carves out ample leg clearance allowing you to change position without hindrance.

5. Contemporary Aesthetical Appeal

It’s designed to ornament even the most refined interiors. This beautiful L-shape corner desk fits neatly into any classic or modern décor. It warms up your ambiance thanks to its diverse color options. Go for espresso, black, dark, walnut, russet cherry or white.

Nicely finished natural grain delights with the deep colors to constitute an aesthetic profile for all living spaces. The finish offers a universal, timeless expression, reshaping both classic and more contemporary decors.

With the rich natural finishes, this Dakota Desk provides a practical and chic home office set. Combining bountiful storage space and a self-contained work surface, you’ll have everything you require at your fingertips.

Why Should You Use Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves?

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

1. Maximize Your Space

Capitalize on tight spaces with this corner wedge to avoid wasting or under-exploiting precious inches. The Ameriwood L-Shape workstation fits snugly in the corner and up against your walls. It’s designed for small rooms or when tapping into space such as dorm areas or home office.

2. Organizational Storage 

The L-Shape Desk integrates two grommets crafted into the unit to organize or manage cords. Dual open shelves on the desk’s side create ideal storage with easy reach of books and binders. The sprawling desktop panel provides chunks of space for your PC, laptop, files and other essential office supplies.

3. Glamorous & Chic Finish

All desks come with rich natural finishes for dazzlingly and attractive addition to your workspace ensemble. The profile spawns a lively soul of prestige and a luxury a notch above the rest. With its embroidery, this piece of art combines practical and stylish elements in one.

4. High Support Capacity

The all-in-one Dakota Desk packs a plethora of shelves and compartments for additional storage area. It offers smoothly partitioned storage areas for all your working supplies. The desktop supports loads of up to 100lbs while each side shelf holds 35lbs.

5. Durable & High-Quality Materials

The product consists of high-end laminated particle board, and MDF handpicked for high-tensile strength and natural texture. The unit boasts excellent structural stability and solid construction to withstand impact. You can work with your supplies on-hand without wobbling or trembling at its base.

Product Benefits
  • Made from durable and rigid laminated particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard with an Espresso finish
  • Perfectly wedges in a corner or against the wall to capitalize on available space
  • Extensive desktop surface creates generous room for monitor, laptop, and effects
  • Executive office set with natural grain embroiders any home study room, student bedroom or dorm
  • Comes with two grommets built into the unit for tractable cords or wires
  • Two open side shelves provide an ideal spot for binders or books within range
  • Designed for tight spaces or when conserving your room at home or college dorm
  • Color options such as Espresso, White, Walnut, Black, and Dark Russet Cherry
  • The stylish addition to any workspace or office with classical functionality and aesthetic appeal
The Negative Things
  • Requires more than two adults to assemble

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sizable monitors can the desktop hold?

It’s ultra-sturdy and solid with ample room for more than one monitor.

2. Does it come with instructions? Some customers say no user manual?

You can download the instruction manual from Amazon.

3. Does it ship to America? How many days required for shipping?

Yes, it’s deliverable to the USA within a few days.

4. Can you dismantle easily to transport?

Yes, follow the user manual.

5. What are the dimensions or size of this desk?

It measures approximately 28.312″H x 51.312″W x 53.625″D.

Final Verdict

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves Review fleshes out a must-have piece of furniture with additional storage space. This contemporary corner desk with side shelves provides a hands-on work surface storage and an elegant aesthetic appeal to a home office, student bedroom or dorm.

Rich espresso and adequately brushed finishes with a variety of color options enchant with its deep graining. Packing plethora spots to hold supplies and books, it offers a self-contained workstation with office ergonomics.

Laminated particleboard and high-end MDF, intelligent design and solid build will stand the test of time. Natural finishes create an executive, timeless elegance dovetailing into classic or modern decors.