GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

You don’t have to become leery anymore when it comes to the purchase of a quality computer desk, why? Because the GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk Review is here to help you out. This is a review that provides you with adequate information that you can utilize anytime in procuring a durable hardware equipment.

It’s true that computer office desk is one of the needful equipment to make your workplace look admirable and decent. Of course, this is a product that’s up to the task.

It’s capable to spice up the pristine decoration of any formal place. Nevertheless, it can also be used for informal settings also such as home workspace, and gaming space.

This product is architecturally designed to suit any décor it’s being used for in order to complement. Apart from that, it has the capability to hold up heavyweight materials even though it’s a lightweight. The legs of the desk have support beam which helps in the support of laid materials’ weight and it’s made of treated wood.

With no mincing of words, it so small in size that it can be used for any kind of apartment. The wood board is wide to commodiously accommodate good numbers of gaming monitors (large inches for that matter). In fact, while arranging it, owners can decide to couple it in accordance with the setting of their homes.

Although it’s hard to dissembled, yet it’s sturdy when it’s permanently fixed to a place. The legs even have foot cups for their adequate security and support.

They are super reliable to leave with children as they are coated with textures and made of laminated woods. Here are 5 tips which are capable to help you to determine if the product is best for your need or not.

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk Review | 5 Major Features:

1. Easy to Assemble

GreenForest L-Shape Corner DeskThis product is delivered in three pieces. You will find one of the pieces long rectangle, the other is a short rectangle and the other rounded triangle. These three pieces have to be coupled together before the buyer can make use of it.

In fact, the manufacturer makes the coupling so easy by plastering white tabs at the spot where screws have to penetrate. Would this be a hassle? Definitely no, use either a screw gun or a Philip screwdriver for driving in the screws.

The ports on the wedge where screws penetrate are supported with plastic, so you can be sure of quick and easy coupling. What actually makes it easy is the instruction book that comes with the delivery.

It’s very easy to understand. Just as the depiction illustrates, it’s compact and can be found in black color, dark walnut, and walnut-3D.

2. L-Shape Desk

One amazing thing about “L” shaped desks is that they are compact and very much usable at any unit of the room. Although they are corner desk, yet one can choose to make use of them in tight corners and “dogged”, clumsy part of the house or office.

And when it comes to choosing a product, then this is awesome. You know why? Because the wood board is absolutely waterproof. The texture is made of matte and the wedge part of the desk is made of Styrofoam.

Apart from these, the fact that it has to be coupled by owners make it easy for the assembler to choose how he/she wants the direction of the desk to be. It’s just great to opt for if you don’t want to gamble the fitting possibility of the product that you’re ordering for online.

3. Beautiful MDF

Imagine Medium Fibrewood (MDF) sealed up with a quality textile, isn’t that going to be great? Of course, it’d be awesome for positioning materials. MDF is a particle board that’s made up of wood residues from hard and softwood. They are engineered to produce a quality, flat surface.

They are so smooth that nothing skids on it and they are strong also. MDF strong characteristic is no exemption to this product at all as it can support objects with a total weight of 105lbs despite the fact it’s being small.

Apart from that, this kind of wood board (MDF) is known to be lightweight compared to plywood. Although the wood is known to soak in water, yet the manufacturer did a nice work in laminating it with matte textile so as to prevent water from penetrating into the wood.

4. Height Adjustability

Office DeskThis product’s height can be adjusted. You’d notice that by the time you’d be coupling it together, the piece that’s a longer rectangle’s height seems to be misaligned. However, it can be adjusted in its foot cups.

The legs are made of aluminum and the rails used for the legs are so gapped from one another that they don’t consume much space.

In fact, attaching the legs to the wood board is super easy as there are extra screws which are more than sufficient to replace others.

Trust me, at first while you’re arranging it, the whole set up can be shaky. But whenever you’re done, the L-shape legs are capable to hold materials steadily for a long period of time.

5. Specification

The dimension of this product is 44.3″(W) x 58.1” (L) x 29.13″(H) why the board deep measures 19.1 inches (this is for the L-shape when it’s fully arranged). The length for the left part sides and the right part sides are 25.2” and 39” respectively (the height and width of the hardware remain the same).

The weight of this product, on the other hand, is 37.2 pounds. Also, what you would find in the delivered box are polybags, screws, the instruction booklet and the three separate pieces of the table, of course with their respective rails/legs.

Why Should You Use GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk?

Why Should You Use GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

1. Affordability

The price of this product is affordable. This is a computer desk that you can afford for a price less than $100. Of course, it can fit perfectly into any budget.

2. Maximum Support

At first, it might look fragile, but check underneath the slab, you’ll be dazed with the flat supportive wood and the rail’s supporting beam that the desk is made up of. This ensures that the desk is capable to hold up at least two 32” gaming/computer monitor and one other of lesser size.

3. Compact Size

The fact that you can use it for any room of any architectural design makes it unique. In other words, the defaults in the construction of your home is not a limiting factor to the adequate use of the desk.

4. Easy to Use

The selling point of this product is that the instruction, design, and method of use is so direct. Anyone can relate to the depiction and the table don’t break so easily.

In fact, we all know that although MDF is a thick plank, yet it gets spoilt whenever it encounters water. However, the manufacturer ensures that the plastic material used in protecting it is a reliable waterproof polymeric material.

5. Sturdiness

Every component that makes up this product makes it sturdy. When it’s fully arranged, either it’s rammed or not, it doesn’t wobble as most products do. Of course, it can be used with any kind of seat.

Product Benefits
  • Highly sturdy when it’s fully arranged.
  • The assembling of the computer desk is easy.
  • It doesn’t consume much space.
  • This is one of the affordable computer desks in the marketplace.
  • The manufacturer ensures that buyer encounters zero hassle while using it as it comes with extra screws and the screw penetrating spaces are supported with plastic due to low penetration power of object into the MDF wood board fiber.
  • Highly reliable for positioning at least three medium-sized monitors.
  • This product is perfectly protected against water penetrations.
The Negative Things
  • Difficult to disassemble or move around.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How heavy is this computer desk?

Answer: This is made of MDF wood. MDF wood is lightweight. However, this weighs 37.2 pounds.

2. What else can I use this for apart from using it for keeping computer/gaming monitors?

Answer: Obviously you can use it for many things. You can choose to use it for sewing, reading, eating and so on.

3. Why is lugging the computer desk not advisable?

Answer: That’s because one can easily get it broken by consistently doing that.

4. Is this computer desk made of metal material only?

Answer: Definitely no, it’s made of metal legs and wood top.

5. Can each of the pieces be used separately?

Answer: Sorry, we’ll not be able to vouch for the rigidity of the computer desk if its pieces are solely used. However, we enjoin you to couple it as instructed.

Final Verdict

This GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk Review has lived up to the task. It has provided the information that’s necessary to make a non-regrettable purchase. It provided readers with the qualities of the product. Of course, the information is reliable and can be trusted.

However, we hope that our amiable readers satisfied with every bit of details provided. To round it u, we enjoin you to make the right choice by opting for this product.