Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk Review

Buying of computer desks for cubbyhole spaces is somewhat non-negotiable, especially when there’s a need to. However, many have made the mistake of purchasing products that are really not good for them. You know what? Their mistakes don’t just begin at that stage, it began with inadequate researches.

Yours don’t have to be the same, use the Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk Review to make a valuable and reliable purchase. Do you know that remarks most reviewers fail to realize is that the height of the buyer is a considerable factor when purchasing a product?

Of course, you can attest to this! Nevertheless, this review provides you with a computer desk that is great for potential users that are 6.2ft tall or less.

It’s not too wide and neither is it too tall just moderate. This a furnished wooden computer desk that has a plane surface for orienting at least two medium sizes of different electronic devices apart from the full computer component. It has a shelf included and a keyboard drawer.

Each of the spaces that this desk comprises of is discreetly stacked and they lock into each other exceedingly well. In fact, the sitting space is comfy for anyone to utilize for the playing of games, reading, writing and performing all manner of activities with ease.

The distinct feature of this computer desk is that it can easily be moved from one place to another. In fact, it complements any section of an apartment as it’s mottled with color that’s absolutely crisp. Do you know that the manufacturer makes the use of this computer desk simple? Of course! The coupling is absolutely easy with the guide that comes in the instruction book.

Also, there’s an online platform that is situated for customers to comfortably reach/contact them. In fact, the website is designed in a way that you can easily reach the department that you think is in the best position to proffer the solution to your challenge.

Of course, there are quite a lot to discuss on this product. Nevertheless, we enjoin you to use the information provided below so as to know better about the product.

Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk Review | 5 Major Features:

1. Elevated Shelf

DeskOf course, it’s not how great the looks of a product is that matters, but the authenticity of the design. The shelves of this computer desk are by the side and it’s elevated.

The shelf is so spacious that books and other amenities can be stacked upon it. In fact, it has a mini cabinet with great enclosure. There is a magnet that makes sure that it’s perfectly in place when it’s closed.

The opening also is super-easy to carry out. The shelf is constructed that each designated spaces can intuitively be understood by couplers.

In a nutshell, provided water ebbs from one side of the house, the water won’t get in contact with the shelf because the whole compartments are elevated above the ground level. Of course, your stowed properties would be safe.

2. Pressboard Computer Desk

This desk is made of pressboard that is super thick. In fact, hauling it from one place to another is difficult due to its heavyweight. This pressboard is so constructed that it has designated points where screws have to penetrate when assembling it.

And the sub-shell of the “camouflaged” sections where the screws are to pass through is made of plastic so as to ensure that the laminated fibers are not scattered.

This is a pressboard that’s covered with cinnamon cherry finish. It’s a color that perfectly complements any décor in homes.

3. Inclusion of Cabinets

Definitely, this is a computer desk with a compact size. It can only accommodate one monitor and an operator. However, the way it’s being constructed is magnificent and ecstatic. There are several sections in the desk.

There is a main slab where a monitor that weighs less than 23lbs can be positioned. And underneath it is a keyboard drawer that is easy to slide in and out without applying oil.

Also, right by the flank is where you find another slab that’s a bit higher than the main slab. Of course, the backup layer is where is designed for placing CPU why the last section is the shelf.

4. Method of Use

Sauder DeskThis is a computer desk that has to be arranged before it can be used. Though this might seem problematic which it’s definitely not. The instruction booklet that comes with this makes it super-easy.

The description and instructions are professionally provided and there are pictorial illustrations that are comprehensible which you can make utilize for each stage of the exercise.

In fact, the manufacturer adds to users’ comfort by adding two extra screws. What you only need to couple it together is a screwdriver. The instruction booklet warned couplers against using power drillers for driving the screws.

Nevertheless, you can choose to use it but at the lowest power level. Then once it’s fully coupled, you can place it anywhere in the house.

5. Specifications

The dimension of this product is 39.6 x 19.4 x 34 inches and it weighs 48 pounds. The main slab is a length of 20 inches and a width of 19.5 inches. The clearance between the main slab and the keyboard drawer is 3”.

However, the underside of the main slab from underneath the keyboard drawer is 27 inches. Also, the height of the main slab to the floor is roughly 28 inches. The supporting slab at the other side has a surfaces length of 19.5, a height of 34 inches and its width is 14.5 inches.

Why Should You Use Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk?

Why Should You Use Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk

1. Easy-to-Move

This is a computer desk that can be moved from one corner to another and it won’t be marred. In fact, it becomes more stick if the synthetic glue is used for coupling it.

2. Quipped Instruction Booklet

One thing you’d like about this product is the magnificent way the instruction book is constructed. There are pictorial depictions illustrating for each of the stages with quip write-ups enumerating how to overcome each task. It’s professionally written.

3. Compact Size

It can be used in any part of the house or office. It’s compact in size and reasonably furnished with a mixture of dark and brown color.

4. Reliable Customer Service

If you keen to purchase from a manufacturer with nice customer service that you can rely on at any given period of time, then it’s this. They operate every hour of the day. You can get across to them via their website.

5. Nice Customer Review

This is a product that most of its buyers have awarded kudos to. Their credits are centered on the simplicity of the design and the easy-to-read instruction booklet. They encouraged buyers that seek for low price computer desk to opt for this.

Product Benefits
  • This product has a compact size that perfectly fit any décor.
  • The assembling of this product is very easy.
  • The delivery of this product comes with full packages and extras.
  • The instruction booklet is comprehensible.
  • It’s highly affordable.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Great for stowing lightweight materials such as books, pencils, and a computer.
  • It comes with an elevated shelf.
The Negative Things
  • Heavy to move from one position to another.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the height of this computer desk?

Answer: 39 inches.

2. Which one between the two colors, cinnamon cherry finish and the mixture of dark and brown color is the real color?

Answer: Thank you for that question, the real color is cinnamon cherry finish. But I would say it’s mottled on it. So, sighting it from afar, one might be tempted to mistake it for dark-brown color.

3. Would this stand sturdily on wood floors?

Answer: Of course, yes! But it might easily scratch it. I’d suggest that you place it on a rug.

4. Could this be dismantled and recoupled?

Answer: You might quickly break the desk by constantly doing that.

5. What would I be enquired of if I’m to make complaints?

Answer: Your purchase details.

Final Verdict

The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk Review impugns interested computer buyers who really need a product for their homes or office to opt for this. This product is among the few that anyone can launch out for and earn a rest of mind.

The coupling doesn’t consume much time and it can be used anyone with average heights. It can perfectly be positioned in tight regions around the house. It’s highly recommended.