TitleFurinno 11192EX BK Efficient Computer Desk Review

Looking for a computer desk that’s cheap and best for a room with limited space? If yes, then we’ve got you a product that cost less than $60 and is compliant to CARB regulations. In other words, it’s safe for both your home and office.

The TitleFurino 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk Review provides you with a computer desk that’s furnished and polished so well that it looks priceless and incomparable to its price tags.

The construction of the desk is so magnificent that ample spaces are provided to make sure that this is not only used for keeping desktops but can be used also for shelving books and other valuable materials.

In fact, this holds so well that it can comfortably be used for a monitor and other computer components. The manufacturer ensures that buyers don’t find it difficult to use it as they added a support beam to it with Recycled PVC tubes for its sturdiness.

The manufacturer still proceeded to make products of the same features with different fashion/model of construction. In other words, buyers can opt for products that they think suit their home, office, and budget.

This is a computer desk that can be used for corners and tight regions. Although it’s a compact desk, yet one of the slabs has the capability to contain a monitor that’s 23 inches. The keyboard drawer is sharp in its design as it’s very easy to make use of.

Unlike some products, the assembling of this desk is very fast and easy. Of course, what adds to the simplicity in the coupling of this computer desk is the instruction booklet that comes with it. The instruction is very easy to adhere to.

However, the maintenance also is easy, dirt or mottling of the body with stain can easily be wiped off by making use of water and a clean cloth to wipe the spot. It’s just so easy to make utilize. Get to check out these features to learn more about the product.

TitleFurinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk Review | 5 Major Features:

1. Fascinating Designs

TitleFurinno DeskThis product is absolutely designed for storing and stacking materials that don’t hold much weight. It’s of two phases, the first is where monitors are placed while the 2nd phase is not as wide as the former.

However, it has ample space for stowing lightweight materials. Back in the second phase of the desk, there are 3 spaces which an individual can use as shelves.

That means this computer has 4 distinct surfaces of various sizes. This computer desk is compact in size and can be placed in any tight region in any kind of apartment. It’s just a reliable computer desk that you can easily afford.

2. Quality Material

Looking for a quality computer desk that can be used for a placing small desktop computer components, then this is a reliable product to opt for. It’s made of medium density composite woods and recycled plastic PVC tube.

Of course, it’s delivered in pieces. However, there are tabs that serve as directives on where a coupler should screw. In fact, its construction is compliant of the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulation. Which means it’s valuable and recommended by the state’s expert.

The cleaning of this MDF computer desk is easy due to the fact it doesn’t retain stain. And even though it occurs accidentally, the stain can be wiped up by using a damped clean cloth to wipe it off.

3. Multiple Advantages

This is a product with a great number of benefits. It spackles the simplicity and the genuine lifestyle of your home. In fact, changing the position of materials in your home is undisputedly easy.

Of course, it has elevated shelves (although some alternative products offered by the company don’t have enclosure) that portable materials can go into.

Apart from that, the manufacturer is easy to get in touch with. They are astute to complaints; their service to customers is perfect.

4. Easy-to-Assemble

TitleFurinno Computer DeskThe coupling of the desk is fast with the help of the instruction booklet. This is a desk that you can assemble within a short period of time. The only downside about it is that the attached shelf can only be at the right flank of the desk.

In other words, it cannot be interchanged. It comes with complete accessories that anyone can use in coupling it. However, the only equipment that one would need is the screwdriver.

It’s just so perfect for anyone to make use of. Nevertheless, it becomes sturdier if the synthetic glue is applied at its joint. You can visit an ace hardware to get that done, as this would enhance its firmness.

5. Specifications

The dimension of this product is 15.6 x 39.6 x 33.6 inches and it weighs 22 pounds. It can be found in various shapes and designs.

Categories that you can find this product are compact, efficient, go green and econ. Although each of them has its peculiarity, yet their dimensions are the same.

Why Should You Use Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk?

Why Should You Use Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk

1. Premium Quality

This is a computer desk that can boast of thousands of users all around the globe ever since the time it was introduced to the marketplace. In fact, it can be used by anyone irrespective of the height and body weight.

2. Maximum Convenience

Of course, if you’re used to MDF product, you can tell its lightweight even though it’s superbly thick. Couple with the fact that it can be moved from one place to makes it awesome for mobile offices and homes.

3. Flexibility

This is a product that you can find in different shapes but the same size. In other words, the manufacturer makes it so convenient for buyers to choose the shape that is best for the purpose they are using it for. It’s very recommendable.

4. Cheap

Although their prices vary, yet they are affordable. None of them has a price tag close to $80; they are cheap to purchase.

5. Reliability

You can bank with the easy-to-use of this product. It’s quite amazing and looks super captivating no matter where it’s positioned.

Product Benefits
  • This price of this product is highly affordable.
  • This is a particle board that is made of Medium Density Fiber.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to long from one position to another.
  • This same product can be found in Go green, Econ, Compact and Efficient varieties.
  • Each of the varieties is unique in structure.
  • It can be used for a long period of time.
  • Highly dependable if it’s glued.
The Negative Things
  • Not great for heavyweight materials.
  • The MDF is not covered though it’s painted.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I couple it the other way round?

Answer: Absolutely no! There are no designated points by the side. And to worsen the case, MDF is not great for the penetration of any object into the laminated fiber.

2. Is it advisable to use a power drill?

Answer: No, this computer desk is pre-drilled already. What you only need to insert the screws is the screwdriver.

3. Do you think this can contain my 34” inches monitor?

Answer: Oh, no! That would definitely mar it. Nevertheless, it’s only good for 21” monitor with lightweight materials.

4. Friendly with water?

Answer: No, MDF particle woods are not friendly with water.

5. Is the backside of this product finished?

Answer: Depending on the variety that you’re buying.

Final Verdict

The TitleFurinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk Review is what anyone who needs a particle board computer desk that’s affordable to opt for. It has a compact size and unique on its own.

Although it’s best used for lightweight materials, yet one can depend on the quality of the product. This is a product among the available few that offer adequate comfort in sturdiness and affordability. If only it’s glued, the product will be used for long.