Writing Desk vs Computer Desk

We all love comfort; in the office, home and ceremonial settings. Of course, no convenience is complete without the availability of tables and chair. They help one in attaining the most desirable comfort. It doesn’t end there, desks have now become even multi-use compared to tables, how?

Desks can be used by anyone to carry out numerous functions. It’s famously called desk because it’s designed to have a specific number of users utilizing it in a secluded or formal setting. Definitely, no one is disputing the fact that it’s now used in workspaces and gaming centers due to its size.

However, it can be found in different size, shapes and styles depending on the manufacturer. The common types of desks are writing desks, computer desks. These two are now modernized in different styles so as to suit the comfort of their prospective users.

The styles you can these two are wall mounted desks, fold-down desks, corner desks, Credenza desks, and standing desks. Come to image it, could there be differences at all? Of course, yes.

The desks are relatively constructed with respect to the comfortable placing of the computer(s) on comfy plain surfaces whereby users can comfortably perform some cartography and calligraphy activities.

Many people are now challenged with this question ‘can they be substituted for each other?’ In fact, many even keen to know the characteristics and why one should be preferred to the other.

Are you such an individual who is also perplexed with the ‘writing desk vs computer desk’ dichotomy? If yes, then come along so as to get the best information.

8 Things to Consider about Writing Desk vs Computer Desk:

1. Structure

Writing Desk

Writing desk can be of different sizes depending on the buyers’ preference. However, it’s supported with four distinct legs of equal sizes. Just like computer desks, it’s mostly made of a flat surface with support beams in each of the sides.

In fact, the legs also have theirs so as to enhance its sturdiness. Nevertheless, you can find spaces for drawers, footrest, and shelves. But the difference is so glaring; writing desk drawers have large spaces than computer desks’.

Computer Desks

Computer desks have flat surface slabs and their legs can be from two and above. There is always an attached cabinet and at least an elevated shelf where cassettes and disk can be stowed, especially for the wooden ones.

In fact, manufacturers do make sure that there is a place where CPU can be positioned except if it’s a computer that has metal legs.

Also, you’ll find keyboard drawer that slides in and out. Because the drawer can only accommodate keyboards and mouse only, its depth is always small while it’s really wide.

2. Cons & Pros

We have to understand that these are different types of desks. This means that the material in constructing each of them is left to the manufacturers to determine which of the two they would like to construct it into.

Of course, these types of desks can be made of wood, glass, metal, and lamination. In fact, they have their respective cons and pros. Nevertheless, let’s discuss these materials.

  • Wood: The woods that are used for making desks are oaks, cherry and walnut, melamine, and so on. The cherry and walnut are the most expensive among them while the MDF and oaks are less costly. In addition, the MDF and melamine are particle boards that are cheap but are dependable.
  • Glass and Metal Desks: These are mostly used in formal places. They are found in office and homes. Although, they are costly but easy to maintain.
  • Laminated Desks: These are desks that are plastered with a plastic material. Of course, the desks that are made of MDF and other particle boards use lamination. This adds to the durable feature of the wood.

3. Conveniences

These types of desks are capable to enhance users’ comfort in their respective space. In fact, their structure tells what they are primarily used for and they live up to that.

In other words, it’d be difficult for a computer operator to perfectly use a computer on writing desks because of the limited numbers of cabinets. Writing desks, on the other hand, are less weighty and they rarely have storage spaces. The major electronic gadget that it’s used for is laptops.

4. Viability and Versatility

These two desks can be found as corner desks, wall mounted desks, standing desks, fold down and credenza desks depending on where they are used. The good news is that they can both be found in any of these manners.

The only thing that differentiates them is the number of cabinets, shelves and the dimension of drawers. However, corner computer desks rarely have features like shelves and cabinets but they are mostly found in offices and made of metals and glasses.

Therefore, it’s very possible for a user to make use of writing tables instead of computer desks comfortably only if the surface is ample wide.

In a nutshell, writing desks that are made of metals that can be used as a writing desk and as a computer desk. Wooden computer desks that are filled with shelves are mostly used in homes compared to those that are made of metal and glass.

5. Price Difference

The price difference of each of the desk depends on the material that they are made up of. Of course, you can’t expect a writing desk that’s made of cherry and walnut to have the same price tag with a computer desk that’s made of MDF and it’s an aberration to think otherwise also.

But if we are considering the same material and probably the same style, then computer desk should be costly, why? Because computer desks consume many materials than writing desks. Of course, this argument can’t be relied on. The reason is that only manufacturers decide the cost.

6. Luggable Futuristic

Desks are often found in “U” and “L” shape. The amazing thing about them is that they need to be assembled before they can be used. And once they’re assembled, they’re difficult to be dissembled. In fact, assemblers don’t disassemble them again so as to avoid screws cam outs.

However, the best way to lug it from one place to another is by carrying the whole desk. For this feature, writing desks are easier to carry provided the type of materials used for the two types of desks is the same. This is because they have support beam at each side of the desk.

Nevertheless, computer desks are luggable but they can be heavy except the material used for the construction of the desk is MDF (particle board) or any lightweight material.

7. Reliability


  • They enhance human conveniences in carrying out day-to-day activities.
  • Both need to be assembled before they can be used.
  • Both are a kind of desk. In other words, they can be interchangeably used.
  • Their sizes, styles, and prices can only be determined by manufacturers.
  • They can either be lightweight or heavyweight.


  • Wooden Computer Desks are heavier than wooden writing desks.
  • Metallic-made computer desks are wider than metallic-made writing desks.
  • Their structure is their major difference.

8. Durable Capability

What determines this feature is the kind of material that each of them is made of. Steel is the most durable metal and aluminum follows. They can be used for a long period of time.

Although MDF is unfriendly with water, yet laminated MDF can be used for a long period of time. Of course, apart from the nature of the material, the other factor that determines a long-term use of a product is by taking proper care of it.

Final Verdict

This ‘writing desk vs computer desk’ article has fully unveiled the discrepancies and the similarities between these types of desks. It explained how they can be used despite their differences and what buyers should look out for when opting for one.

The real fact is that the manufacturer is the sole determinant of their features. And the only feature that their differences lie in their structure. In exception of that, they are both great to make use of.